As Art Basel Miami approaches so do the shows that will be taking place across Miami. Most Oddinism is a group exhibition curated by the London’s Topsafe and will feature work from some of our favorite contemporary artists. The artists include Steve Powers, Aaron De La Cruz, Christopher Derek Bruno, Ben Eine, Kenji Hirata, Otto Zitko, Patrick Martinez, and Roids MSK. The exhibition is being referred to as a Post-Street Art Exhibition yet I would argue that any of the artists would be mentioned as street artists, maybe neo-contemporary Graffiti/Urban art exhibition fits better as the group of artists are definitely part of the graffiti school. Judging by the preview images Miami is in for a treat, works ranging from gestural and geometric abstract to letter based works all establishing a precedence for our current artform. We always appreciate when a solid brand like Topsafe is able to curate and bring together a talented group of artists together. The range established with the work and grouping of art showcases the dynamism of our current artform. If your in Miami for Art Basel next week make sure to RSVP for this special exhibition.



A Post-Street Art Exhibition featuring

Steve Powers
Aaron De La Cruz
Christopher Derek Bruno
Ben Eine
Kenji Hirata
Otto Zitko
Patrick Martinez
Roids MSK

Opening Reception
Wednesday December 4th
6:00PM – 10:00PM

Show will run December 5-8th

The Rotunda In Miami
3250 NE 1st Avenue
Corner of N. 34th Street
Miami, Florida 33137

Opening Reception RSVP: