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Preview "Concrete Alphabets" Group Exhibition 886 Geary Gallery

Preview “Concrete Alphabets” Group Exhibition 886 Geary Gallery

Zepha- Vincent Abadie Hafez Defer Niels Shoe Meulman Faust Stohead Rostarr “Every victory of the young has been a victory over words. Every victory over words has been a fresh, young victory..” Isidore Isou Concrete Alphabets is a group exhibition that brings together 6 contemporary artists working in the medium of analog painting, all of...
Preview Group Exhibition "Crime Time Kings"  Bando - Mode2 - Shoe

Preview Group Exhibition “Crime Time Kings” Bando – Mode2 – Shoe

Bando Mode2 When we first saw this lineup we were excited to see 3 legends coming together once again to rekindle old friendships as well as legendary styles. 3 names synonymous with Graffiti in Europe and all members of CTK or Crime time Kings which the show is named after. Almost 30 years later the...
Group Exhibition "Every Letter Counts" at White Walls Gallery

Group Exhibition “Every Letter Counts” at White Walls Gallery

  I had the pleasure of attending White Walls Gallery San Francisco’s latest Group Exhibition “Every Letter Counts”. The exhibition focused a theme around the alphabet, inviting wide range of artists to interpret and paint one letter each in the alphabet. A wide sample of mediums by some of today’s top names in the urban...
Max Rippon "W.O.W. (What Once Was)" Solo exhibition

Max Rippon “W.O.W. (What Once Was)” Solo exhibition

  Max Rippon opened his latest solo exhibition at AF Gallery in Cologne, Germany last week. The exhibition titled “W.O.W. (What Once Was) focuses on Max’s letter based works this time with some interesting additions. W.O.W. is a contradiction of aesthetics, mediums and processes. The analog hand painted sign work is contrasted against finished digital...
Preview Group Exhibition The Pre-Vinylite Society "Icy Caps" at The Cannery

Preview Group Exhibition The Pre-Vinylite Society “Icy Caps” at The Cannery

  I was able to get some installation photos of an amazing exhibition that will open tomorrow in the San Jose at The Cannery Gallery. The exhibition will feature work from the Pre-Vinylite Society and Friends along the theme of “Icy Caps”. Sign painting has a long tradition and has emerged recently as artists have...
Walls Update EKO

Walls Update EKO

  Here is a recent set of Eko walls painted in abandoned areas. Eko has been painting abstract minimal letter form for some time now and he continues to keep experimenting with new walls. GF
Preview "Most Oddinism" Miami Art Basel Week

Preview “Most Oddinism” Miami Art Basel Week

As Art Basel Miami approaches so do the shows that will be taking place across Miami. Most Oddinism is a group exhibition curated by the London’s Topsafe and will feature work from some of our favorite contemporary artists. The artists include Steve Powers, Aaron De La Cruz, Christopher Derek Bruno, Ben Eine, Kenji Hirata, Otto...
Walls Update Ripo

Walls Update Ripo

Ripo “Anyway You Cut It” Ripo “Shutdown House Of Representatives” Berlin Ripo & Stohead “From The Field to Your PLate” Ripo & Jchmix “Float”   Here is a fresh set of walls from Ripo and some Friends. It is always refreshing seeing Ripo paint his letterbased work in the streets. Choosing to work in a...
Walls Update RTUE

Walls Update RTUE

Here are a couple of recent walls from Ukranian artist Rtue. We came across the work of Rtue on our Flickr group page and were impressed with the his most recent walls. The abstracted and glitched murals start with letters yet are deconstructed to create a impressive new composition. In his most recent mural the...
Walls Update Matt W. Moore

Walls Update Matt W. Moore

. Matt W. Moore has been one busy man, not only with his numerous design projects and Murals MWM has also been traveling to cities such as Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, Athens, London, Vienna to paint a letter based series of walls. Taking a page from his history and graffiti background the artist has found his...
Part2ism "Word Power" speaking about Wildstyle

Part2ism “Word Power” speaking about Wildstyle

  Part2ism recently updated his website with an article titled “Word Power”. The article has gives us a his insight and thoughts on Wild style Letterform. There are great quotes from the legendary Phase 2 and Ramm:Ell:Zee in the article. It is a great must read for anyone looking to get some insight into the...
BATES JURNE & GREAT "It’s All About the Letters Exhibition"

BATES JURNE & GREAT “It’s All About the Letters Exhibition”

Its All About Letters from KowalMichal on Vimeo.   Jurne just posted these preview pictures and video in his site. Looks to be a great show with a great theme “It’s all about the letters”. GF     “Known for writing text with color in the streets of Copenhagen and Oakland, California, these A.B.C. “Abecedarians”...