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SatOne Roid and Wow123 "World Made of Plastic" Mural Update

SatOne Roid and Wow123 “World Made of Plastic” Mural Update

We sometimes forget in this new age of Mega Murals and the new international rise of Muralism that before we were given permission to paint multi story buildings graffiti artists were actively collaborating in alleys, tucked away train track walls and so forth. I think we all know the history and I am not trying...
Artist Feature Rubin

Artist Feature Rubin

I have been wanting to feature the work of Rubin for some time but as things remain busy it gets harder and harder for me to write in the way I would like to. Now as I finally find the time let me introduce to you the work of Rubin aka Rubin415. We have featured...
Morik Mural Update Art Basel Miami

Morik Mural Update Art Basel Miami

Morik made the trek to Miami’s Wynwood district for Art Basel 2014. The Russian artist working in a deconstructive figurative style he focused on in his words “I was inspired with the problem of cuban migration to the USA. Everyone has the right for a better life.”. GF
*Update Full Recap Augustine Kofie "Taking Shape" at Openspace Paris

*Update Full Recap Augustine Kofie “Taking Shape” at Openspace Paris

    *Update. Taking Shape Opened last week and we were able to get some of the opening night pictures. 2 floors of paintings and multiple installations showcased not only the paintings and work of Augustine Kofie but also brought you into the world of the artist. One specific installation of a drafting table and...
Recap and Interview with Graphic Surgery "Contra" Solo Exhibition

Recap and Interview with Graphic Surgery “Contra” Solo Exhibition

GF: Tell us about Contra the title of the show I know you mention that it is inspired by the ‘Contra Composities’ of Theo van Doesburg. GS: We are interested in different contradictions such as positive negative, black and white, order and chaos, in and out, left and right, shape vs space. Yin and Yang...
Vincent Abadie Hafez/Zepha installation Toulouse

Vincent Abadie Hafez/Zepha installation Toulouse

Vincent Abadie Hafez AKA Zepha recently finished this beautiful installation in Toulouse. Known for his Calligraphic work and murals Zepha has recently experimented with materials and a type of collage. Using wood and paint he is able to build a layered deconstructed aesthetic of Calligraphy and motif. The Floor installation builds towards a circular center...
Photo Recap "Starch, Wax, Paper & Wood" and New Murals by Martina Merlini

Photo Recap “Starch, Wax, Paper & Wood” and New Murals by Martina Merlini

Martina Merlini opened her latest exhibition last month at the Shooting Gallery in San Francisco. The exhibition “Starch, Wax, Paper on wood refers to the process Martina uses to create the installation and new work on Wood. The artist also has painted an impressive installation to go along with the new work. With “Starch, Wax,...
Thierry Furger "It was all a Dream"

Thierry Furger “It was all a Dream”

As a graffiti artist at times you are witness to a great deal of memorable moments in the street or hidden spaces that you have come across during your journeys. Its natural for a writer to explore and gain access to forgotten spaces, abandoned landscapes that become their own personal playground. Thierry Murger has captured...
Wall Update Augustine Kofie in Paris at Night

Wall Update Augustine Kofie in Paris at Night

Augustine Kofie has hit the ground running in Paris ahead of Largest Solo exhibition to date in the city of Paris. As he prepares for “Taking Shape” at Openspace Gallery Paris he took some time off to paint an impressive mural in Paris. Art Azoi and Openspace were able to share with us some breathtaking...
Wall Update Kenor in Barcelona

Wall Update Kenor in Barcelona

It is great to see Kenor back at it with his most recent Mural in Barcelona. This was a special one as according to the artist it has been some time since he has painted in his city. Here is a quote from the artist about the mural. “Now eight years were not painted a...
Recap Group Exhibition " Same/Different" at Lazaridez Newcastle

Recap Group Exhibition ” Same/Different” at Lazaridez Newcastle

The Outsiders Newcastle Lazarides went out with a bang, bringing in some of Poland’s finest to close the doors for their last exhibition in Newcastle. Lazarides opened “Same/Different” a group exhibition featuring Poland’s top emerging talent. The exhibition featured new work from Robert Proch, Chazme, Sepe, Nawer, Pener, M-City, and Otecki. We have witnessed the...
Recap Labuena Ylamala "Forever"

Recap Labuena Ylamala “Forever”

As we move into a new era of Urban/Contemporary painters we are forced to deal with the issue of evaluating a new set of work that takes influence from both genres. This hybrid version of art is reflected more with some artists than others. Labuena Ylamala is a artist who has influence from the urban...