Moneyless is back in Los Angeles for his 3rd solo exhibition at Soze Gallery. His latest exhibition titled “Transparency” will open this Saturday August 26th. In the artists words “This exhibition highlights the last part of my research and my progress in the abstract art world. I worked a lot the last year to develop my technique ,i spent hours to find the way to be more realistic in my drawings and paintings ; i worked on plans and layers, i tried to evolve myself to create a sort of artificial but realistic depth, a game of shadows and lights ,a sort of window on a parallel world”

Transparency looks to be the artists most developed work to date, literally focusing and diving deeper into his abstract work. His signature repeating markings are examined from a new perspective. The enhancement of his mark reflects a personal reflection the artist has taken the past couple of years. Introspection into the self has led to an introspection of his work, Moneyless has focused is perspective closer to the mark. He ventures where color, hues, and texture start to overlap and interact with each other. These transparent parts of his mark start to illuminate the more intricate nature of his original abstract pieces. When your focus shifts to a closer point of view, a new and weightier marks start to emerge. This is where you start to see new possibilities and through introspection the artist is able to lift the veil of a new world. Colors fading in and out of each other, intrinsic movement is simulated also in a new series of sculptural pieces. These underlying movements that the artist is peeling away are referenced in motion as sculptures. Colors are replaced by steel, yet you are able to feel the other of the work, this parallel perspective that we subconsciously ignore. Moneyless is able to bring our attention to the beautiful details that lie beneath, and evoke a meditative perspective through these new abstract works. We highly suggest you make the time to see this exhibition if you are in Los Angeles.


Gallery opening this Saturday opening reception 7-10pm at 935 N Fairfax Ave Los Angeles CA 90046