Robert Proch, Vesod, Sepe and Corn 79 'FRIULI 1976' Gemona Italy

Robert Proch, Vesod, Sepe and Corn 79 ‘FRIULI 1976′ Gemona Italy

Impressive new Mural from Robert Proch, Vesod, Sepe and Corn79 in Italy as part of the ‘FRIULI 1976′ wall / Elementi Sotterrani X project / Gemona (IT). An amazing exhibition of each artists ability to collaborate and bring a uniform and cohesive overall mural concept. GF ‘FRIULI 1976′ wall / Elementi Sotterrani X project /...
Mural Update Erosie "Linguaggio Universale" Abstractism ALT!rove Street Art Festival 2015

Mural Update Erosie “Linguaggio Universale” Abstractism ALT!rove Street Art Festival 2015

The ALT!rove Street Art Festival 2015 has been ongoing the past month and provided artists with a opportunity to create some beautiful Murals in Catanzaro Italy. The theme and title of the Festival “Abstractism” has provided a impressive lineup of artists. For this mural Erosie has painted this mural for the festival. Here is a...
El Mac "Ars et Scientia" Mural in Boston

El Mac “Ars et Scientia” Mural in Boston

“Ars et Scientia” was painted at Northeastern University, in Boston. The school is across the street from The Museum of Fine Arts, whereEl Mac was a selected artist at 2014′s MFA Summer Auction along with Augustine Kofie and Jaybo Monk. The mural was created with his signature spray paint technique of haloed circles and ghostly...
Mural Update SatOne "Brutal"

Mural Update SatOne “Brutal”

Love this new mural from Satone “Brutal”. An intense composition with deconstructive energy but also spelling out Brutal with readable font. The mural was painted in Germany on an abandoned slaughterhouse thus, possibly the reference to the title. Amazing work! GF
Mural Update Blaqk and Seikon

Mural Update Blaqk and Seikon

Seikon traveled to Greece recently teaming up with Local Artists Blaqk. Painting in Black and White using diamonds to form somewhat of a symmetrical composition the group each individually painted a diamond with their own signature styles. Minimalism Insitu. GF photos: Alka Murat
Hense Mural Update Australia

Hense Mural Update Australia

Hense has been busy with multiple projects traveling across the world painting massive mural installations, one of his latest trips lead him to Northam Australia. In what is his second largest mural to date Hense has tackled these 4 massive silo in the wheat belt commissioned as a public art project. Hense continues to expand...
Mural Update El Tono

Mural Update El Tono

El Tono just completed this Mural installation at the Embassy of France in Cambodia. Utilizing Geometric shapes with organic elements El Tono creates a beautifully balanced composition that wraps perfectly around the concave texture of the wall. A perfect example of Minimal abstract painted insitu. GF Photos courtesy of the Artist
Mural Update Sepe and Chazme "Supilinn 15"

Mural Update Sepe and Chazme “Supilinn 15″

Sepe and Chazme got together for the Stencibility Festival in Tartu/Estonia to paint this mural titled “Supilinn 15″ a tribute to Jerzy Hryniewiecki (architect; author of Spodek in Katowice among others) and Bogusław Linke. Both the Tribute artists are Polish as are Sepe and Chazme but born in Tartu. Amazing mural from both artists collaborating...
Christopher Derek Bruno New Mural Install

Christopher Derek Bruno New Mural Install

New mural install from Christopher Derek Bruno for a private client. CDB continues to push the minimal envelope with his murals focusing on precision and effective composition. GF


Another impressive large scale mural from Satone as he continues to spread color and paint around the world. This time he stopped in Rome for the Big City Life Project curated by 999contemporary. GF “TALKING LIKE A WATERFALL” SatOne 2015 (BIG CITY LIFE project in Tormarancia / Rome / Italy) “The idea is about the...
Seikon Wall Update

Seikon Wall Update

Quick wall update from Seikon as he continues his traveling, bringing this new series of walls to us. Intertwined geometric shapes that resemble wildstyle but remain abstract and completely self contained in a continuous loop. GF
Lek & Sowat 'Veni Vidi Vinci' in Roma

Lek & Sowat ‘Veni Vidi Vinci’ in Roma

For their participation to the Big City Life project, led by 999 Contemporary, Lek & Sowat came to Rome to paint the biggest spelling mistake of the eternal city’s Graffiti history. Inspiring themselves from the famous‘Veni Vidi Vici’ quote, used by Julius Caesar in 47 BC following his victorius Zela campaign, the two artist also...