The ALT!rove Street Art Festival 2015 has been ongoing the past month and provided artists with a opportunity to create some beautiful Murals in Catanzaro Italy. The theme and title of the Festival “Abstractism” has provided a impressive lineup of artists. For this mural Erosie has painted this mural for the festival. Here is a summary of the work “Inspired by his incredible sketchbook and drawing inspiration from the colors of the surroundings existing, Jeroen Erosie gets to Piano Casa, outskirt not far from the old town of Catanzaro, with a triptych entitled “Linguaggio Universale”. After the first three days of work, the inhabitants of the building that overlooks the first two walls have voluntarily granted permission to carry out the third wall: 120 square meters that Erosie has painted in one day with the help of the headlights cars and Catanzaro football team’s scarves.”


Abstractism – space>place | ALT!rove Street Art Festival 2015, Catanzaro (Italy)
It’s possible to wonder about the concept of urban area by means of abstractism.

Curator: Edoardo Suraci
Project manager: Vincenzo Costantino
In collaboration with: Comune Catanzaro and LINVEA Vernici

photos by Angelo Jaroszuk Bogasz