Preview Tomek "Accident" at Galerie Celal

Preview Tomek “Accident” at Galerie Celal

Teaser "Accident" Pablo Tomek from pablo tomek on Vimeo. Tomek will exhibit a new body of work this week at Paris Celal Galerie. The exhibition titled “Accident” features recent paintings from Tomek as he furthers his experimentation in abstract and gestural painting. Gestural brushstrokes painted on Glass create vivid movement while capturing the full stroke...


Another impressive large scale mural from Satone as he continues to spread color and paint around the world. This time he stopped in Rome for the Big City Life Project curated by 999contemporary. GF “TALKING LIKE A WATERFALL” SatOne 2015 (BIG CITY LIFE project in Tormarancia / Rome / Italy) “The idea is about the...
Seikon Wall Update

Seikon Wall Update

Quick wall update from Seikon as he continues his traveling, bringing this new series of walls to us. Intertwined geometric shapes that resemble wildstyle but remain abstract and completely self contained in a continuous loop. GF


Ata “Toast” Bosaci will open “Beautiful Facebook Fifteen seconds of fame” an exhibition based on his digital portraits. The Facebook portraits focus the artists gaze on the social relevance of digital relationships and our growing reliance on these digital relationships. Digital portraits are a symbol of a digital replication of this new reality. GF A...
Remi Rough and Soda Collaboration

Remi Rough and Soda Collaboration

Here is a quick collaborative mural from Remi Rough and Italian painter Soda. The two artists recently got together in the studio and decided to take on the wall for a quick piece. GF
Preview Yaze "The Conference of Birds" at David Bloch Gallery Marrekech

Preview Yaze “The Conference of Birds” at David Bloch Gallery Marrekech

Yassine “Yaze” Mekhnache will present a large body of work embodying the artists journey over the past 7 years through a collaborative project of embroidery and painting. ‘The Conference of the Birds” will encompass 30 paintings illustrating and delving into a mystical journey loosely based on the 30 birds of attar. A monumental exhibition for...
Preview Thierry Furger "Here to Stay"

Preview Thierry Furger “Here to Stay”

\   Here is a set of preview images from Thierry Furger as he prepares for his latest solo exhibition “Here to Stay”. Furthering the artists experimentation into his Buffed paintings series Here to stay goes further into new directions as the artist utilizes quotes from painted trains paying tribute to sayings written on these...
Update* Recap Geso and Poesia "Un-Formal" at 886 Geary Gallery

Update* Recap Geso and Poesia “Un-Formal” at 886 Geary Gallery

    *Update Here is a set of photos from the exhibition after installations were finished. A great show and turnout. Un-Formal a 2 person exhibition opens tonight in San Francisco’s 886 Geary Gallery. Geso and Poesia will exhibit a new series of work based off Un-formal approaches to painting, some call it abstract but...
Preview Clemens Behr "Small Works" at Mini Galerie

Preview Clemens Behr “Small Works” at Mini Galerie

Make sure you check out Clemens Behr at the Mini Galerie in Netherlands. The artist opens an exhibition of rare smaller pieces titled “Small Works”. It will be great to see an intimate side to Clemens work as he scales down his work to almost a model scale, compared to his large insitu installations. GF...
Lek & Sowat 'Veni Vidi Vinci' in Roma

Lek & Sowat ‘Veni Vidi Vinci’ in Roma

For their participation to the Big City Life project, led by 999 Contemporary, Lek & Sowat came to Rome to paint the biggest spelling mistake of the eternal city’s Graffiti history. Inspiring themselves from the famous‘Veni Vidi Vici’ quote, used by Julius Caesar in 47 BC following his victorius Zela campaign, the two artist also...
Video Unreleased Recorded Interview Rammellzee on Mo'Wax

Video Unreleased Recorded Interview Rammellzee on Mo’Wax

Probably the Best Interview your going to Listen to for awhile. Its worth the full listen. GF Via Mowaxplease This is something we did not see coming : in November 2014 the Vinyl Factory teamed up with Mo’ Wax to release a record.The most surprising thing about it was that it’s not music. It’s the...
Preview Optimist Solo Exhibition "Packrat's Paradise"

Preview Optimist Solo Exhibition “Packrat’s Paradise”

Bay Area Graffiti Staple Optimist a respected and important figure in the art and scene will open an important Solo Exhibition at Oakland’s Lequive Gallery. The show titled “Packrats Paradise” captures the artists experience in the Graffiti world at the same time capturing his travels across Asia as well as living in the San Francisco...