This site and it’s blog are an experiment – something I needed to get off my chest. They might be taken down, or never updated again. I leave it to become whatever it grows into, or maybe it’ll stagnate and disappear.

Graffuturism is a word that surfaced from my subconscious recently while drawing a sketch, but it is a term that has fascinated me and remained on my mind since I picked up a spray can over twenty years ago. Today it attracts me again because I love that it is poetic, unique and without a dictionary definition, therefore suggesting something that really is unexplainable: I can show you when I see it, I can grasp the forms of it, but I leave it up to you to explain or define.

The Artist will always be beyond a Label. So I guess this is an attempt to define something, an aesthetic, a common string that some of us graffiti artists, painters, even photographers share. A collection of viewing something that is only a portrait of decades of progression and regression.

I hope you enjoy and contribute to the forming of an attempt to define Chaos through the eyes of a Graffiti Futurist like myself.