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Preview "Most Oddinism" Miami Art Basel Week

Preview “Most Oddinism” Miami Art Basel Week

As Art Basel Miami approaches so do the shows that will be taking place across Miami. Most Oddinism is a group exhibition curated by the London’s Topsafe and will feature work from some of our favorite contemporary artists. The artists include Steve Powers, Aaron De La Cruz, Christopher Derek Bruno, Ben Eine, Kenji Hirata, Otto...
The Seventh Letter #ArtshareLA Billboards Part 2

The Seventh Letter #ArtshareLA Billboards Part 2

Here are the images of the final Billboards for the the Seventh Letter and Known Gallery curated billboards. In this set we have Revok, Patrick Martinez, Sage Vaughn, Push, Reyes, Risk, Shepard Fairey, and Willie T. The project with Artshare LA was a successful example of artists and curators working with Big Media to improve...