You might have seen recent video’s released documenting Does for his upcoming solo exhibition “Endless Perspectives”. Does will be releasing a new video each week leading up to the April exhibition which will take place at Carbon Festival 2013. The exhibition features 40 canvasses across 5 cities, 8 canvasses per city. The show revolves around a simple yet interesting idea of painting the canvases on location of the walls, in the cities he artist traveled. This traveling enables the artist to reflect and interact with his paintings much the same way most graffiti artists do when they travel and paint in new cities. The difference is instead of documenting it through video and photography only the artist also brings back the paintings that were part of his murals. This action of preserving a normally ephemeral act is another step in fusing the outside and insides once again. We look forward to the show and recommend you make the time to see it if you are in Melbourne.