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Preview Augustine Kofie "Inventory" at Jonathan Levine Gallery NYC

Preview Augustine Kofie “Inventory” at Jonathan Levine Gallery NYC

MasterMix Soundtrack for INVENTORY @ Jonathan LeVine Gallery, NYC / 39 min by 4x4tracktor on Mixcloud Augustine Kofie | I N V E N T O R Y | Jonathan Levine Gallery, NYC | November 2015 from Augustine Kofie on Vimeo. Augustine Kofie is headed to New York for his first solo exhibition this week...
Recap Matt W. Moore "Shadovvs" Solo Exhibition at 886 Geary Gallery

Recap Matt W. Moore “Shadovvs” Solo Exhibition at 886 Geary Gallery

Matt W. Moore – SHADOVVS – 886 Geary Gallery (SF, CA). from Matt W. Moore on Vimeo. SHADOVVS celebrates a new trajectory for American artist & designer Matt W. Moore. During a 2 month stay in Oakland, CA, and a 2 week residency within 886 Geary Gallery, Moore constructed a new body of work that...
Preview Clemens Behr Installation at Backwoods Gallery

Preview Clemens Behr Installation at Backwoods Gallery

Clemens Behr is in Australia working on a installation at Backwoods Gallery. The installation will be filmed as part of the documentary “Dazzle” which focuses on the hidden story of camouflage. Clemens will be working with Buff Diss to create a visual narrative touching on not only camouflage but its use in as an artistic...
Photo Recap Fillipo Minelli "Nothing to Say" at 886 Geary San Francisco

Photo Recap Fillipo Minelli “Nothing to Say” at 886 Geary San Francisco

  Silence Shapes from Filippo Minelli on Vimeo. *Update. Here is a set of installation pictures from the installation of “Nothing to Say” Filippo Minelli’s exhibition at 886 Geary Gallery which runs until Feb 7th. We open 2015 with a preview post about Filippo Minelli’s first solo exhibition in the US as well as 886...
Preview Kenor "Polyrhythmic Beats" at Galerie Celal Paris

Preview Kenor “Polyrhythmic Beats” at Galerie Celal Paris

KENOR POLYRYTHMIC BEATS from german rigol on Vimeo. Kenor sets to open his latest solo exhibition “Polyrhythmic Beat” at Paris Galerie Celal. The exhibition will open next month and feature what looks to be Kenor’s largest and complete body of work to date. The work ranging from large scale works on canvas to intricate metal...
Preview and Video Poesia and Raptuz Dual Solo Show "Deconstructions"

Preview and Video Poesia and Raptuz Dual Solo Show “Deconstructions”

“Deconstructions” – Art Exhibition Preview from Pluckyshotme on Vimeo. Poesia Raptuz Poesia and Raptuz will be in Miami this week painting walls as long as getting ready for their duo Solo exhibitions at Nina Torres Fine Art Gallery in Miami. The exhibition titled “Deconstructions” will be in collaboration with Hausammann Gallery from Italy and feature...
Proembrion Mural "Exuberant" F[R]AME-FESTIVAL

Proembrion Mural “Exuberant” F[R]AME-FESTIVAL

Proembrion continues to push the envelope with his digitally inspired murals. “Exuberant” proves to be a massive explosion of color and digital traces that pass in between the real and digital world. The mural painted for the Frame Festival was also documented by a time lapse video that you can view above. GF
Video LX One "40 Jours"

Video LX One “40 Jours”

40 JOURS from lxone on Vimeo. LX One just released the final video to his 40 Jours Project. “An abstract and temporary art installation, taking 40 days to create. It will return to dust. A house before it’s renovation becomes a play ground to experiment with throughout. Day after day, the walls call out for...
Video Saber and Zeser Los Angeles Mural

Video Saber and Zeser Los Angeles Mural

saber x zeser x branded arts from dopevinyl on Vimeo. We had talked to Saber recently and he gave us a heads about a this recent Mural that was painted in Downtown Los Angeles on a new artstore. The project brought together by Branded arts featured a collaborative mural from Saber and Zes. Saber was...
Preview FUTURA "INTROSPECTIVE" at Magda Danysz Paris

Preview FUTURA “INTROSPECTIVE” at Magda Danysz Paris

Futura has been in Paris the past Month working on his latest Solo exhibition at Magda Danysz Gallery in Paris. The exhibition titled “Introspective” will focus on new work from the artist. We were able to get a couple of in progress pictures of the work to go along with the video teaser to the...
Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada "Fragments of Humanity"

Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada “Fragments of Humanity”

Jorje Rodriguez-Gerada from Spencer Keeton Cunningham on Vimeo. Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada was in San Francisco finishing up his recent solo exhibition “Fragments of Humanity” in one of White Walls Gallery’s project spaces. The exhibit consisted of work from his fragment series of hand pulled wall fragments taken from actual wall surfaces. A technique that the artist...
Tobias "Tobe" Kröger Solo Exhibition "Face Off"

Tobias “Tobe” Kröger Solo Exhibition “Face Off”

  Tobias Kröger also known as Tobe, a pseudonym he adopted during his years as a graffiti artist, opened last Friday “Face-Off”, his first solo exhibition unveiling a completely new body of work presented under his real name. “Face-Off” consists of 40 paintings and drawings and reflects a new stage in Tobias Kröger’s art, going...