KENOR POLYRYTHMIC BEATS from german rigol on Vimeo.

Kenor sets to open his latest solo exhibition “Polyrhythmic Beat” at Paris Galerie Celal. The exhibition will open next month and feature what looks to be Kenor’s largest and complete body of work to date. The work ranging from large scale works on canvas to intricate metal and wood sculptures is focused around the artists concept of visualizing rhythms in his work. Using music and audio as his subject Kenor deconstructs and reconstructs these beats into his own interpretive visual language. If you are in Paris make sure to check out this exhibition.


“Polyrythmic Beats” in GALERIE CELAL at 11 / 09 / 2014 Paris

“A song is formed by a set of rhythms. I paint rhythms, deconstruct and construct them, creating a new audio visual piece of work. Transforming each rhythm into my different pictorial language.

In ”Polyrhythmic beats” i’ve merged all the styles that I have developed over the last 10 years: geometry, abstract, deconstruction, dimension and movement. For this concept it has been very important building with points, creating infinite points from a continuous and indefinite succession that defragments the line on the plane into multiple fragments in a single dimension.” Kenor