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Slicer "Organized Chaos" @ Backwoods Gallery

Slicer “Organized Chaos” @ Backwoods Gallery

Slicer recently exhibited a new body of work in Melbourne’s Backwoods Gallery. Slicer’s new exhibition “Organized Chaos” seems to be just that, a calculated approach to exhibit work that is without intent; only intentions. With repetition and an automatist approach slicer is able to reference graffiti’s own automist tendencies. This correlation references the underlying approach...
Preview Does "Endless Perspectives"

Preview Does “Endless Perspectives”

Part 1: Amsterdam – Endless Perspectives from Digitaldoes on Vimeo. Part 2: London – Endless Perspectives from Digitaldoes on Vimeo. You might have seen recent video’s released documenting Does for his upcoming solo exhibition “Endless Perspectives”. Does will be releasing a new video each week leading up to the April exhibition which will take place...