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Satone Mural Update "Neighbors Envy"

Satone Mural Update “Neighbors Envy”

“NEIGHBORS ENVY“ – SatOne 2016 The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence – FestiWall, Ragusa / IT foto:
SatOne Mural Update "Insomnia"

SatOne Mural Update “Insomnia”

Lovely new mural from Satone titled “Insomnia”, painted in Mannheim Germany. SatOne continues to explore these amazing abstract color, and landscape pieces in large scale. Always impressed how he is able to manage to create impactful pieces through his use of color, and composition. GF INSOMNIA – SatOne 2015 for “Stadt.Wand.Kunst” in Mannheim/Germany (fotos: Manuel...
Photo Recap SatOne "In Memoriam" Solo Exhibition at 886 Geary Gallery

Photo Recap SatOne “In Memoriam” Solo Exhibition at 886 Geary Gallery

886 Geary Gallery is pleased to present “In Memoriam”, a solo exhibition at 886 Geary Gallery. The opening reception will be Saturday, September 12th, from 7-11 pm, the exhibition is free and open to the public for viewing through October 3rd, 2015. SatOne arrived in San Francisco this week in preparation for his first US...
Mural Update SatOne "Brutal"

Mural Update SatOne “Brutal”

Love this new mural from Satone “Brutal”. An intense composition with deconstructive energy but also spelling out Brutal with readable font. The mural was painted in Germany on an abandoned slaughterhouse thus, possibly the reference to the title. Amazing work! GF


Another impressive large scale mural from Satone as he continues to spread color and paint around the world. This time he stopped in Rome for the Big City Life Project curated by 999contemporary. GF “TALKING LIKE A WATERFALL” SatOne 2015 (BIG CITY LIFE project in Tormarancia / Rome / Italy) “The idea is about the...
SatOne "Melting Point" Chennai India

SatOne “Melting Point” Chennai India

Mr SatOne starts 2015 with a Bang. This new mural was painted in Chennai India over a train depot. Pushing things to another level SatOne channels his inner wildstyle and creates a dynamic composition on the mural, bringing tremendous energy and a vibrant palette. I am feeling the flow of this new piece as it...
SatOne Roid and Wow123 "World Made of Plastic" Mural Update

SatOne Roid and Wow123 “World Made of Plastic” Mural Update

We sometimes forget in this new age of Mega Murals and the new international rise of Muralism that before we were given permission to paint multi story buildings graffiti artists were actively collaborating in alleys, tucked away train track walls and so forth. I think we all know the history and I am not trying...
Mural Update SatOne "Rebirth"

Mural Update SatOne “Rebirth”

SatOne just completed his latest mural in Bielfeld titled “Rebirth” SatOne usually working abstract in nature with vivid colors, yet when you look closer you are able to see color and form establish a conceptual idea. It is through his abstract aesthetic and brilliant use of color that you are confronted first with a beautiful...
Preview Rewire Group Exhibition and Kickstarter

Preview Rewire Group Exhibition and Kickstarter

I am excited to announce this Kickstarter that needs your help reaching its goal. An impressive lineup from some of todays emerging visual artists team up with musicians and collaborate and inspire. An amazing project curated by Rob Swain pf Gamma Proforma and Andrea Parker. Make sure to follow the link and support the kickstarter....
SatOne and Nawer Mural in Eindhoven

SatOne and Nawer Mural in Eindhoven

Two of our favorites got together in Eindhoven recently and were able to collaborate on a wall. The dynamic styles of Nawer and SatOne emerge together in this beautifully composed piece. High value colors create strong contrast shifts. Collaboration continues to run strong in this new era of painting where ego is maintained and the...
SatOne Print Release "Berlin Harddisc" with Drawaline

SatOne Print Release “Berlin Harddisc” with Drawaline

“With his work “Berlin Harddisc” the artist refers to his lasting impression of Berlin and the city’s constantly changing, multilayered and vibrant Graffiti movement. Black and chrome form a minimalist starting point that offers the viewer innumerable possibilities for interpretation and that also characterizes Berlin’s vibrant bombing-culture. SatOne refers with his work in particular to...
Drawaline Curated "Inside Rockenberg Art in a Youth Prison" Roids, Horfee, Ken Sortais, Score, Fence, SatOne

Drawaline Curated “Inside Rockenberg Art in a Youth Prison” Roids, Horfee, Ken Sortais, Score, Fence, SatOne

  Drawaline just posted about a recent project that they curated at a youth Prison in Rockenberg Germany. Roids, Horfee, Ken Sortais, Score, Fence, and SatOne all painted murals inside and on the walls of the prison. Besides a talented lineup of artists Drawaline brought a great concept to the prison, having prisoners assist the...