Drawaline just posted about a recent project that they curated at a youth Prison in Rockenberg Germany. Roids, Horfee, Ken Sortais, Score, Fence, and SatOne all painted murals inside and on the walls of the prison. Besides a talented lineup of artists Drawaline brought a great concept to the prison, having prisoners assist the artist paint enabled a positive interaction. Being able to not just watch the walls being painted the prisoners were able to have a hand in the process, an important step towards building something. An amazing project that you can read further about below from their Blog. We shared SatOne’s wall with you last week here is the rest of the finished pieces.


“We spent a few days in a German youth prison, the so called Justizvollzugsanstalt Rockenberg, to curate a rather uncommon art project. Roids (London), Horfèe & Ken Sortais (Paris), SatOne (Munich), Score & Fence (Berlin) met in Rockenberg prison which is situated close to Frankfurt am Main. While the international artists were painting the well protected walls, a selected group of young prisoners were assisting them. In the beginning of the project, all participants were excited to know how it would end. Especially the security staff found themselves in a tense situation because of the fact that ladders and scaffolds were in use next to the prison walls. The artists worked right next to the inmates’ windows. This is why they had to deal with many rough remarks. Even the participating prisoners had their concerns. During the project, many amazing and meaningful conversations between the inmates, the artists and also the guards took place. All participating artists were working on their murals based on conceptual preparations. Most of the resulting works are influenced by the prison environment, the architecture and the people living inside the prison-walls. Rockenberg prison is supposed to be a place of learning. A pleasing environment can foster the motivation to learn. The aim of the project was to maintain links between the prisoners’ lives inside and outside the prison in a positive way, to enable a life of social responsibility and also the integration into a social life. This includes efforts in art, culture, architecture and design to achieve lively, motivating and inspiring effects. Rockenberg serves to protect the public from further crimes. The prison requires the safe accommodation of the young, all male inmates, as well as confronting them with the consequences of their individual offenses. It further demands the active participation of the prisoners in order to overcome their criminal orientations and to allow the emergence of a responsibility for their own actions.” Drawaline Blog