“With his work “Berlin Harddisc” the artist refers to his lasting impression of Berlin and the city’s constantly changing, multilayered and vibrant Graffiti movement. Black and chrome form a minimalist starting point that offers the viewer innumerable possibilities for interpretation and that also characterizes Berlin’s vibrant bombing-culture. SatOne refers with his work in particular to a wall in Berlin’s famous Mauerpark that is covered in inch thick layers of paint from the countless artists who have used it as their canvas. The hidden layers resurface when single pieces crumble from the wall. Every single layer of paint is charged with energy and this is conserved with every new color application. It doesn’t matter if the layer is removed by a cleaning company or covered by another artist – even hidden it continues to exist. With “Berlin Harddisc” this idea is picked up by the artist and the preserved pictures appear again by breaking the layers. The transparent blue areas symbolise the energy that is freed from the stiff layers of lacquer in the form of an organic imagery.”

SatOne just released a limited 30 print edition silkscreen with Drawaline. The print titled “Berlin Harddisc” is an amazing representation of the artists aesthetic and a testament the ability of the artist to adapt to a range of mediums. We wouldn’t wait too long before grabbing the print that was just made available today. Available Here.