We sometimes forget in this new age of Mega Murals and the new international rise of Muralism that before we were given permission to paint multi story buildings graffiti artists were actively collaborating in alleys, tucked away train track walls and so forth. I think we all know the history and I am not trying to reflect on any of this history only reference our origins painting murals for ourselves and the act of collaboration. Creating a uniform production wall as we called it was part of being a graffiti artist for most of us. Working in letter structure, characters and a uniform background became the norm in order for artists to collaborate on a large mural. Fast forward to today and its great to see elements of this history still in place amongst the ever changing scene of street/graffiti art.

SatOne, Roids and Wow123 came together recently in Bremen in a manner the same as decades earlier, as peers working together to create a unique wall. The difference now maybe 15-20 years later is Letterform and characters are replaced with new aesthetic influenced by the past but always looking towards tomorrow. The Mural “World Made of Plastic” captures the next phase in our culture colorful, with the energy of our history with their hand on the future.


Photographs courtesy of Axel Stock


SatOne – Wow123 – Roid

Bremen / Germany 2014

(part of “A Dream – Mural Art Project” in L├╝ssumer Heide 36, Bremen Nord)