Defer and Big Sleeps painted this new mural in Los Angeles. The privately commissioned wall was painted with brush and acrylic measuring 16 by 20 feet. Defer and Big Sleeps are breaking new ground with their recent collaborative murals. Both artists are veterans of the calligraphic street styles of Los Angeles writing. Both growing up with the letter form as a lifestyle now have a chance to expand on this with murals that reflect on this history. This mural is a testament to the power of the written word and its visual impact. Defer and Big Sleeps are the real street artists who now make their mark in new environments. We hope you enjoy this set of pictures as much as we do. It is not everyday you get to see the real writers showcase their letter skills let alone push them to new limits as both have done. Respect.


photo credit Monica Torres

“The writing’s on the wall,” is a cliché that simply refers to an inevitable conclusion, or an
obvious ending. For those who live on the edge in the aerosol-covered inner city areas of urban
sprawl, life often reflects a much more tragic inevitability; leaving behind a trail of lost souls
immortalized through candlelit curbside memorials and tribute t-shirts. One wayward child of
the ghetto destined to follow this unfortunate path was Los Angeles artist Big Sleeps. Luckily
for him, the inevitable fate he was headed towards became quite different and anything but
tragic. Unbeknownst to the aspiring artist at the time, he was to transcend and translate these
urban writing styles of his childhood neighborhoods to the rest of the world, becoming an
ambassador for the many fallen concrete calligraphers who never survived the rough canvases of
Los Angeles they painted on.” Big Sleeps Bio


Mr.Big Sleeps