Pener was up next at the the Traffic Design Festival in Gdynia Poland. This year he went big once again painting a large mural. Pener’s mural is another example of Poland’s progressive muralists. Influenced by architecture, graffiti, and deconstructionism Pener weaves these influences into a masterful mural. Working in a cool palette Pener creates a movement with geometry and depth with transitioning shades of color. Stay tuned for more murals as they take place the next couple of weeks.


The third festival Design Traffic

This year, the third edition of Traffic Design will be held from June 22 to July 15. The well-known local and national artists will join the foreign guests. These will include Kislow from Ukraine, Pisa 73, and Chernobyl in Germany, Prozak with Brazil and Remi Rough in London. There will also be guests from Greece, Spain and Italy. For the first time, the festival will also Nawer in Gdynia, Mrufig and Gregor Gonsior.

In addition to activities in the well-known quarter in the harbor area to join the festival location, among others Peace node where the rise of social posters.

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