Askew Drops some amazing new lithographs this week. He shot this great video about the lithograph process and the print release. Taking things to the old school Askew shows us his skills using an ancient method of printmaking. The video is a must watch for anyone interested in working with lithography or just getting a sense of appreciation for this print release. The quality of lithograph prints superb and by looking at these prints I would make sure you get sooner than later.


Orcon presents Askew One ‘Everything Is Dust’, a limited edition lithographic print series. For the duration of Semi-Permanent Auckland (31May and 1 June), a special ‘on sale’ release price of $200 (RRP $400) is on for these prints and are available for purchase at the event or from From 2 June, the RRP will be reinstated.

Directed & edited by Askew One (
Shot by Olivia Laita
Featured music: Brave by Mo Kolours
Brought to you by Orcon:

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