Dale Vermin Marshall will be holding a solo exhibition of new work at LA’s Soze Gallery. The work was part of a 1 month residency at Soze Gallery. Scott La Rockwell was able to shoot some nice process footage of Dale in the studio. We included some shots from the video as well as the teaser video for the upcoming show titled “Best Kept Secret”.

Dale Marshall is a force with brutal strokes aimed at the heart of his canvases. Penetrating brush strokes creating fields of color and texture. Choosing to work in oils Dale creates a rich surface of brushstrokes. You might think moving away from a flat medium like spray paint the artists work might change aesthetically. It has only enriched the already aggressive nature of his hand. The new work is definitely an evolution in Dale’s work. The artist moves from his signature style to a more monumental aesthetic. Large scale oil paintings dripping in paint and medium encapsulate the whole canvas in grid like nature. Paintings, these are paintings in the most direct sense. If you are in LA make sure you get to this opening. You will want to see these paintings in person rather than online.


“The aesthetics of the work is inspired by the period of impressionism and documents a year-long residence in Southern California. The “Best Kept Secret” features works of raw originality with distinct sophistication. Some works include overhead views of Los Angeles painted from memory. Others are works on paper, such as the highly regarded “To stitch some old wounds” series. The compositions contain text that is constructed then deconstructed.

Influences of the late Twombly and the late Californian master Diebenkorn are seen.
The moment is here to see this stunning collection of original small and large format works at Soze Gallery. Marshall will soon return to the UK to prepare for an October exhibition in central London. Soon to follow will be his long awaited 3 month solo show at a prestigious UK museum.

The poet Rene Ricard once said- ‘No one wants to miss the next Van Gogh’. Indeed, Marshall has the qualities as the quintessential living artist, a self-described rock ‘n’ roll painter. Through his passion for paint and heartfelt story Marshall shares his contrasting pain and happiness with superb dedication to his art practice.”

May 29th Tuesday 7pm-10pm at Soze Gallery 652 Mateo St # 107 Los Angeles, CA. 90021