Graphic Surgery & CT

Graphic Surgery & CT

Graphic Surgery has been busy as of late. Whether its an art exhibition, mural installation, or large scale conceptual installation; Graphic Surgery is doing it all. We were able to get some pictures of their recent work to share with you.

The first set of images are part of their recent group exhibition Post Graffiti – A Hybrid Art held at Maison Folie de Moulins in Lile France. The installation features some old and new directions from Graphic Surgery.  They also collaborated with featured artist CT on beautiful wall installation. The wall installation monochromatic in palette shows the artists ability to use geometry to engage the viewer. Some say minimal, I say minimal in execution but large in effect. You will need to do some research into patterns and geometry to fully understand the depth of some of the work. Utilizing some of their signature shapes such as the lozenge, triangle, and glitch; Graphic Surgery adds to an already extensive collection of textures and shapes.

The second group of pictures involves a collaborative installation they completed with Floris Bovée. The installation “Rhombus” at De Fabriek Eindhoven pushes Graphic Surgery into a whole other category. Contemporary artist, conceptual installation, high art, these are titles that come to mind. When you look at the overall progression of Graphic Surgery you can see that all these terms have always been there. This installation solidifies this, stretching their range of scale. From multiple story mural installations to this new large In situ conceptual installation Graphic Surgery is definitely pushing the envelope. Stated here “Rhombus is the result of a collaboration between Graphic Surgery and Floris Bovée. This site-specific installation is a polished diamond-shape of 100 m2 cast on the existing floor of De Fabriek. The interaction between the original floor and the almost perfect gloss-shape creates a new perception of the entire space, where reflection reinforces the perception of space. The abstract formal language of Graphic Surgery and the conceptual approach of Floris Bovée are merged to this minimalist expression.”. We are excited that Graphic Surgery has stepped out of its comfort zone and entered into new mediums. Photos courtesy of Peter Cox.

The last pictures are part of a recently completed Mural installation painted as part of the Outerspaces Festival in Poznan Poland. The Black and white painting once again focuses on one of their favorite shapes, the Lozenge or Diamond. This time deconstructing the Lozenge Graphic Surgery utilizes texture of past cranes, and tiles to create a monumental image.