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Buffdiss and Clemens Behr "Der Kreis"

Buffdiss and Clemens Behr “Der Kreis”

Looks like Buffdiss has been busy recently. Here are pictures of a recent Street Installation with Clemens Behr. I don’t have too much information about the piece, a collaboration between the 2 artists in Berlin loosely revolving around the title Der Kreis, The Circle or Circular. Clemens Behr’s style mixed with Buffdiss seems to flow...
Artist Feature: Buff Diss

Artist Feature: Buff Diss

          When you view Buff Diss’s work you are immediately struck with the clean perfection of the lines and the great use of the way he approaches the street as part of his canvas. Using the obstacles and shapes of the street at times to his advantage. In this age of...