Looks like Buffdiss has been busy recently. Here are pictures of a recent Street Installation with Clemens Behr. I don’t have too much information about the piece, a collaboration between the 2 artists in Berlin loosely revolving around the title Der Kreis, The Circle or Circular. Clemens Behr’s style mixed with Buffdiss seems to flow really well together in this Installation. The geometric architectural installation style of Behr contained within the circle adds a nice contrast to other work I have seen from the Artist. The addition of Buffdiss signature hands and clean lines prove to be a nice addition to the work. Walking up on this Sculptural In situ piece I could only imagine what thoughts would come to mind. It almost feels like an interactive sculptural playground that when viewed from above is flattened and pushed into more of a painting composition. All around a very interesting piece. Look out for an artist feature soon on Clemens Behr. Amazing work from both artists.