Robert Proch continues his ascent into new territory as a father as well as one of todays rising artists, this is also referenced in the title of his latest exhibition “545 Days”. A time frame that alludes to the day his son was born and these important first days as a father. Robert Proch the painter engulfs his work with color and energy vibrant palettes with frenzying figurative compositions that move in and out of abstraction. The deconstructive nature of his work gives contrast between abstraction and representation pushing the viewer to slow down and analyze his work. This contemplation is important allowing the viewer to actively engage in the work that can be visually overpowering. In his largest exhibition to date Robert Proch comes to Paris with Openspace Gallery at the Bastille design center. This large exhibition space is a great place to be able to witness the scale and dynamics of his work, we strongly suggest you make the trip and see this exhibition in person.


“545 Days”
Solo show 23-30 May 2015


This exhibition settles offsite in the 600 m2 space of the Bastille Design Center (74, bd Richard Lenoir, Paris). After the success of “Turn the Corner” in late 2013 at the Openspace gallery, Robert Proch returns to Paris for his second exhibition. This new solo show – undoubtedly the Polish artist’s most important to date – put together in a 600 square meters space some forty works on canvas and paper.

For this “545 Days” exhibition, Robert Proch has continued with his research into the fragmentation of space, taking a pictorial approach that is all his own, halfway between abstraction and figuration, to the point of shattering all our cognitive reference points and igniting our imagination. This new body of work puts into light his recent paternity, 545 days being the number of days between the day of his son’s birth and the opening date of his show which is basically a declaration of love.

BASTILLE DESIGN CENTER 74, bd Richard Lenoir, Paris 11e

opens everyday 11am-7pm

Note : the gallery closes earlier the last day of the show, the 30th of May, at 5pm.