Here is a recent installation from Canadian artist Kwest. Kwest is known for an intricate progressive wildstyle, yet he has also been creating sculptures and paintings for some time. His graffiti inspired sculptures capture the movement and form of graffiti’s evolved style, yet they bring more concrete or in this case wood structure. The sculptures are a great progression and are able to utilize the strengths of graffiti’s aestheticism in a contemporary way. Kwest installed this 40′ sculptural installation in a private residence in Toronto earlier this year. The intertwining form builds its way up creating a impressive combination of material and form. Contemporary in nature yet wildstyle in its essence Kwest is able to utilize both aspects to his advantage with this amazing new installation. The artist explains a bit about the piece below.


“The sculpture Measures 40′ length and rises 28′. its constructed using butternut hard wood, steel tubing. All built and installed by me. The sculpture is fitted with LED rgb lighting which can be color changed using an app on an iphone.” It was installed spring 2013 in toronto canada. Kwest