We came across this video of Brasilian artist Thiago Toes of the VLOK Crew and wanted to share it with you. An exceptional wall is documented being painted by the artist, but what really got my attention was the interview part of the video. Thiago explains eloquently the difference between his graffiti identity and his own identity and dealing with both of them as one as he talks about himself as an artist. A well shot video that captures not only the story of the mural but also the story of the artist. Definitely worth a watch.


With the launch of the spring collection “Welcome to the Street,” came another Ipanema Wall, Redley design that takes art to the streets of the neighborhood, inviting artists to express themselves on the walls of our flagship. The artist was once Thiago Toes, known for his abstract art which refers to cubism and surrealism. Dedicated to the arts since 15 years, Toes is known beyond national borders and integrates the collective Vlok, crew other renowned artist’s street art. The event brought together artists, partners, friends and customers and also marked the beginning of ArtRua 2013.