Moneyless & Martina Merlini



Here is a much needed update from Moneyless who always seems to be traveling and constantly working. These pictures are an assortment of recent murals and installations from his travels throughout Europe. Moneyless has established himself as one of the scenes most important figures. There is a poetic nature about the work of Moneyless. A technical painter who has utilized his chance encounters with antique tools to create new marks in his work. It is this chance in his work juxtaposed with his knowledge and understanding of art that allows Moneyless to transcend the art form. More than just a graffiti artist or street artist Moneyless has become a contemporary worthy of exhibiting anywhere. His murals and flying graffiti installations are a necessary exercise that allow the artist to engage nature in its own environment. Moneyless is in tune with his surroundings and when viewing his public work you are able to witness this in his work. We cant wait to see what he brings next and we thank the artist for sharing these pictures with us. Look out for some big projects from the artist in 2013. We will keep you updated.