999 Contemporary just shared this new video and Project that they helped put together. The mural painted by Borondo was painted in San Lorenzo Rome and part of the Logout Project. Borondo paints a large scale portrait in an abstract painterly style. The large mural is another example of contemporary artists working in public space and in large scale. Borondo’s representational image of a figure with his eyes being covered by another figure is reminiscent of something you might see painted in oil or acrylic, instead Borondo utilizes the tools most of today’s street artists use emulsion and a roller. It is amazing to see the mural take shape in the video. We look forward to seeing more walls from Borondo, the added representational and painterly work of the artist contrasts well in a public setting.


All pictures courtesy of 999 Contemporary


BORONDO, San Lorenzo, Rome.
LOGOUT Project Rome edition
Curated by Stefano S. Antonelli
Supervisor: Gianluca Marziani
Cultural policy management: Dario Marcucci
Video & live sound: Jack Daverio
Production: 999Contemporary & Pescerosso
with Municipio Roma II