We teamed up with 1xrun and help put together a series of prints from artists involved with Graffuturism. Samuel Rodriguez is up first with this limited Edition Release “Mario vs Luigi“. It is almost half sold out so make sure you get there before its gone only 8 days left as you know 1xrun offers timed releases. Here is a quote from an interview 1xrun did with Samuel about his work. ” When I paint, I try not to reproduce a technique or an idea that we already know and see. Although I do apply traditional methods of observation and technique, that is usually my ‘step 1′ in the process. I create a foundation that looks like a straight forward rendering of a subject, in this case the painting in progress looked much more smooth and closer to the actual character illustrations that we usually see Mario Bros. done in. The next step from here is to leave the rest up to chance by deconstructing and embellishing what I initially setup. During this next step is usually when interesting aspects of a painting begin to emerge.” Make sure to stop by 1xrun and also look out for new prints dropping soon from many of our featured artists.