released the newest version of their 5 minutes series. In this series they interview and catch up with Jens Besser. In this interesting video interview with Jens Besser who is not your typical person. He is a documentarian, trainspotter,collector, blogger, curator, and all around knowledgeable figure when it comes to trains and the images painted on them. He is not your normal photographer or bencher who documents graffiti based train painting, Jens focus is on the progressive and non traditional graffiti that is painted on the trains. As you know we are no stranger to abstract and non objective graffiti, so it was great to see another blogger such as Jens explain and talk about his passion for documenting the subject. In a time where more than ever graffiti is starting to cross so many boundaries that once defined it. The illegality and pureness associated with painting trains combined with a free expression not defined by aesthetics alone is an important subject. It is key for bloggers and people like Jens not only to document it but also help explain it in some way or another. We applaud for taking the time to interview Jens, as well as Jens for taking initiative where others haven’t.


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