Hense fresh off his recent solo exhibition “Spray“, has now turned his attention to a new mural installation in Washington DC. The private commission involved completely painting a historic Church in Ward 6 a waterfront neighborhood of Washington DC. This up and coming area is located directly across the street from a planned 20,000 sqft museum that will house the Rubell’s collection of art and a newly plannedĀ  hotel. This neighborhood seems to be a perfect place for an amazing installation from one of today’s rising contemporary artists. Hense has recently been painting beautiful abstract non representational paintings for some time, large scale colorful compositions involving texture and intense gestural elements. With a graffiti background and a new contemporary aesthetic Hense is able to effectively transition in scale without losing any of his works potency. Hense completely transforms the church with latex paint creating a monumental installation. Again we see an example of art vs architecture, where today’s artists are transforming neighborhoods and skylines with murals and paint. We see some big things coming from Hense. Stay tuned.

Photo Credit Miguel “M.i.G” Martinez