Duncan Jago just opened a solo exhibition in Niort France. The show “Human Fossil” is open at Winterlong Gallerie. Coinciding with the 4th festival Mur Jago was also in town painting. Exhibiting new work on paper as well as new paintings Mr Jago continues to impress. His masterful ability manipulate color with expressionistic marks has put Duncan in a whole other of painter. The new works on paper also are a nice addition to the full scale paintings. The paper pieces allow you too witness the intial renderings and mark making the artist starts with. Gestural and loose within these works you can see a portion of the process. All around a wonderful showing of new work from Jago. If you are near Niort make sure you stop by.





Vernissage: Friday, October 5, 2012 / 18H
Open Tuesday to Saturday 13:30 to 19:30

Duncan Jago was born in 1972 in Great Britain.
Co-founder of the famous “Scrawl Collective”, Mr Jago is not an artist from the graffiti scene, but he grabbed influences and techniques to go in a completely different direction from those of all other artists of the time. Growing up in a small village leaves no opportunity to go to the streets and bomber forced Mr Jago to blacken an incredible number of sketchbooks without having the slightest idea at the time where all this would lead. After meeting with Will Barras and Steff Pleatz while studying graphic design, he soon found himself working for the flourishing music scene in Bristol. Mr Jago can be defined without complex, Will Barras and Steff, as one of the pioneers of the “school DOODLE” that seems to be everywhere today and, while the equivalent Graffiti 20 years ago, is accepted as a part of our visual language in a broad sense. The result is there, and it deserves: an international reputation in artistic circles urban, propelling it at his own hero. To summarize his work, we can say that since the end of his studies at the University of Bristol in 1998, Duncan Jago’s work has evolved towards abstraction in a continuous process. His paintings are found in many museums and private collections around the world.

“I think the painting has a direct relationship with semiotics. Indeed, the language-or” representation “is a visual-system of symbols. Because these symbols can never recreate exactly the reality that If they are in fact completely arbitrary deconstruct reality makes more sense than trying to copy it. Choose abstract art is to admit that absolute truth does not exist. ” Mr Jago, 2012 Winterlong 10-11.