108 recently showcased a new body of work in a solo exhibition titled “Tulpa“,  put together by the Cultural Oblique, at the Space Ark by Dove in Bassano del Grappa. 108 is a unique artist whose enigmatic black paintings create powerful forms on walls and canvas. Abstract graffiti in its primal form, 108 is able to formulate strong imagery in this new body of work. Tangible forms that morph into formless moments captured on a canvas. It is the immediacy and minimal aspect of 108’s work that resonates with us. With Tulpa 108 is able to build on his already evolving canvas work. An intense body of work that leaves no doubt of 108’s ability to create moments as strong on canvas as any wall or installation.



Personal exposure of 108, aka the Italian artist Guido Bisagni.

Location: Space Ark

“Tulpa” is a Tibetan word that means of incorporeal beings created in the mind and then take his own life, and in the words of the artist is “completely abstract forms that take place, however, in a surreal space”.

On show at Bassano a new series of paintings, in medium and large sizes and a selection of drawings. Almost all of the works is unpublished and was built last year.

108 began its work by using different pseudonyms, before producing graffiti in the streets of Alexandria before moving to Milan, Paris, London and Berlin.

His early works are enigmatic forms yellow, obtained by cutting vinyl films that appear on the streets of the world from 1999 through the exchange mail between different street artists. Lived for some years in Milan he visited several European countries, where he left ephemeral works of street art. Inspired by artists such as Olivier Stak, has experienced the transition from traditional graffiti to painting large and mysterious black figures that invade public spaces, becoming one of the most important and influential artists of abstract graffiti. His work almost always completely abstract differs from that of other street artists: surreal, minimalist and finds inspiration in graffiti in Neolithic Europe 900 avant-garde and contemporary artists such as Richard Long and Stak. In recent years he has taken part in many international exhibitions: Nusign 2.4 to Paris, Urban Edge Show in Milan, Segundo and Tercer Asalto in Zaragoza and in 2007 was invited to participate in the project called “Walls inside” the Venice Biennale. In March 2008 he was invited along with Eltono, DEM, Microbe, a Nomadaz (exhibition curated by Pablo Aravena) to represent Europe in the United States.

Today 108 continues to experiment with using not only painting but also through the creation of sculptures, installations, photography, video and music.

The exhibition is sponsored by the newly formed Cultural Association Oblique, a collective project which through artistic practice aims to encourage people, places and ideas. Objective of the association is to create a bridge between contemporary artistic research and the territory through the re appropriation of unconventional spaces and often unused through training activities and the organization of meetings and workshops.y

pictures courtesy Obliqua Lab