John Crash Matos will be exhibiting new work at Speerstra Gallery this month. The new work titled “The true essence of graffiti” focuses on smaller work involving process and experimentation. Working through ideas in the studio Crash explains that these studies that are at times discarded or painted over once they larger paintings are finished. This is a great concept that allows the viewer inside the studio of Crash and his process. An intimate look at the artists preparation.




John CRASH Matos presents “The True essence of Graffiti”

Since the artist’s first show at the Speerstra Gallery in 1984, Crash is back for his latest show “The True essence of Graffiti”, a new series of small works specially made for the Gallery.

“Painting is my blog. Painting is my diary.Although I do not paint everyday, I am consumed with creating on a daily bases. For me, there is a concern that goes back to the true essence of Graffiti, to keep my name out there. To be seen, recognized, regardless of how or why.These small paintings share that common need regarding the challenge of working as a steady routine.

I have been leaning towards large scale paintings and instead of trying colors out on the walls of my studio I decided to work out and introduce color schemes, concepts or whatever I had in mind on these smaller canvases. I didn’t want to lose the immediacy of the moments on walls that I would eventually paint over with primer…So this is what you get. Love ‘em or hat ‘em, it’s all part of the process.”