Sobekcis & Zoer


We have featuredĀ  walls from Zoer Csx in the past on the site. We finally got some time to put together a lengthier feature on the French artist. The talented artistĀ  Zoer has been painting some of today’s best and most original graffiti. The hybrid style of Zoer satisfies the letter enthusiasts as well as those hungry for more representational imagery on walls. Utilizing his talents as a painter, Zoer has pushed his idea of graffiti onto the wall and off pages and canvas. Many talented writers are able to focus on either traditional based character themes and letter form. It is great to see an artist bring a fresh perspective and break from tradition. Zoer’s unconventional approach mixes his skills representing imagery, and fuses them together creating one of the today’s most unique and progressive styles. Deconstructed forms of letters and images fight for their place in beautiful compositions. We especially like the direction he has taken with some of his more recent murals, as he brings the images to a monumental scale letting the letters disappear into the background or completely. Zoer masterfully creates dialogue through his murals, utilizing his strength as both an artist and a writer. If this is what today’s future artists are bringing to the table some of us need to step our game up.