*Update here are the final opening pictures from the exhibition. Great body of work, congrats to all.

Remi Rough was able to share a couple of pictures with us of his new work for his upcoming Solo Exhibition “How to use colors to manipulate people” at Unit 44 Gallery in Newcastle UK. With this new body of work Remi literally builds on his already extensive aesthetic range. Moving into sculptural forms Remi creates a vision deeper than the flat surface of a canvas. Working in 3d Remi’s work wraps color in a calculated and precise manner. Minimal yet mostly monumental. Endless variations of his paintings are formed as you view the sculpture pieces from infinite angles. The work on canvas is a nice contrast to the structured pieces as Remi builds texture creating a stress that is pulled into focus with his geometry. Great work.


“His most recent works are a big departure from his earlier graffiti paintings. The sculptural work is reminiscent of Serra, his lines and forced shapes brought to life as 3D objects in both wood and clay. ascending to a third dimension seems almost obvious with Remi’s work. Whilst Remi’s new paintings are more referential to his earlier work from 5 years ago, using bitumen and matt emulsion and still maintaining a tight narrative of tension which is a constant in his work.

These are abstract works, yet they are firmly rooted in reality.”