Mode 2 and Stash recently Exhibited in Stockholm Sweden at Galleri Kleerup. Stash showcases some new abstract works while Mode 2 comes strong with his signature figurative work. I really like the gestural paintings from Mode 2. Here is a quote from stash below about the show.


“What happens when your shipping company messes up and doesn’t deliver; leaving you stranded and empty-handed? How are you going to do that show? Well, in our line of work; we improvise. This is not to say that we do any old crap to fill in, or get into some kind of uncontrolled panic. From a tag which would take just five seconds, to a full colour piece which could take five hours, the goal has always been to show the best of our abilities.

We would go to train yards without sketches or any preconceptions, and we´ll let the setting and the pressure of the illegality, as well as the near-darkness, inspire and guide us in our noble endeavour. These conditions of urgency have often shaped and moulded our form of expression, opening up new avenues and showing us new directions to follow…”

– Stash, January 2012