No Title Gallery just released a video and some pictures documenting their recent exhibition featuring artists 108 & Mark Cecotto. 108’s work has intrigued us so it was great to see his work in a show. The work of 108, sublime black shapes painted on walls are a trademark from the artist. These minimal yet unsettling paintings of 108 sit silent floating on walls like urban glaciers. Mixing in some geometric elements 108 builds upon his dark cloud like forms. It was interesting to see how his work would move indoors and onto a canvas. After looking over the opening pictures courtesy of the gallery, it would seem they havn’t lost much impact being confined between 4 walls instead of on them. All around a great mixture¬† of paintings and mixed media works from both artists. Great show!


“21 January 2012 to February 21, 2012 Space Pelodrilli host the exhibition “INTRO” of 108 and Mark Cecotto, which has as its second in a series of exhibitions sponsored by No Title Gallery, a project that brings together artists in exhibitions “two “, with the intention of bringing artists and different art forms, triggering innovative and creative synergies.”