We came across the work of Italian artist Sago and we wanted to share his work with you. Sago paints with a clean precise sense of form. His graffiti is a nice cross of representational graffiti with abstract and minimal elements. The artist tends to work in colorful palettes with high contrast. Neon like color palettes to simple black and white renderings, he impresses us with his style and use of color. With floating forms and an excellent use of soft and hard shapes Sago builds a great base for his letter form. He also works on canvas and takes a more abstract approach with these works. You can still see his touch of color and sense of atmosphere in his paintings. Sago is a well rounded and talented artist. We will make sure to share future projects from the artist with you. Here is a brief bio about the artist below.


“Born in Italy, Sago hit the first wall in 1993 at the age of ten. Since then he painted constantly until 1999, when he stopped and concentrated on his university studies in Landscape Architecture; after traveling extensively through Asia and Australia, he came back to aerosols in 2008. Based on the belief that value of contemporary art stands not in the final product but in the idea and in the several steps that generated it, his work tries to tell the story of a continuous process, and this must be the key of lecture approaching both to the typographic studies he makes on walls and the abstract layers he composes on canvases: results of the same process on different surfaces. In 2010 he founded Archigraff, a collective of artists that features RUSL, AROE, ECB, TASEK, SOBEK, KCIS, NYCHOS, STORM, RIFLE, PIXELJUICE, WANY and DERS. It focuses its attentions on urban regeneration proposing art as a solution for visual pollution in the contemporary city.”