Sat One recently exhibited new work for his recent solo show titled “Chromolog” at Firstlines Gallery in Munich Germany. Sat One has established himself as a premier muralist. He takes time away from painting walls and focuses his attention on canvas. Abstract at first glance, but as you look closer or as you step away in Sat One’s case the picture shows itself. Form is hidden in intersecting colors, composition gives way to shapes of soft geometry. This soft geometry is one of my favorite part of Sat One’s work, scaled down to a canvas size the details create patterns. These patterns accidental in nature at at times resemble microscopic landscapes, and at distance resonating shapes of color. It is the earthly palette and clean execution that pull the work all together. A great showing of work from Sat One. Congrats! Show summary below.


“Sat One was born in 1977 in Venezuela and grew up in Munich. A trained graphic designer discovered early his interest in graffiti, but steadily developed a style that denies remote historically evolved forms and imagery, the supposedly superficial beauty. Sat One designed with its non-Euclidean geometric abstractions and futuristic-looking forms a formal but not tangible world, a world in which the spatial effect exists but is not predetermined by classical laws of physics in severity. Sat One tightrope walk between clarity and futuristic constructivist rejection of classical ideas recites defined geometry, microscopic forms, visualizes bold visionary unphysical or ban, in the style of classic science fiction, fantasy and reality to hyperspace on canvas. Sat One appears with its complexity and its precision as an architect of a parallel existing reality, in which the physical form of their building materials, away from earthly gravity, manifesting only in their combination.

Space without dimension, shape, without mass and time are not necessarily linear – the strange and inscrutable, incomprehensible remains immanent and accompanied us on imaginary journeys.”

fotos by Max Geuter