We received some pictures of the finished walls of a recent Project Galeria Urban Forms. The project which took place in Lodz Poland featured Murals from International artists ARYZ, REMED, KENOR, SAT ONE, M-CITY, ETAM CREW Bezt Sainer , SEPE/CHAZME. A very well curated selection of artists with a massive project to transform the city center of Lodz Poland. With the help of the city, mayor and its supporters Urban Forms was able to bring some of the worlds best mural artists to Poland and paint some important works of art. The finished Murals would remain as permanent installations. We take our hat off to all those involved It is great to see such support and watch a city embrace out culture instead of trying to censor it. Only if Los Angeles could learn from the city of Lodz and pay attention to the importance of what is taking place around the world. We had previously shown one of the murals from Kenor, now we have all the walls from the project. The walls turned out great as each artist was able to transform a monumental wall into a permanent work of Art. We applaud all those involved for a well executed project.


“The fundamental idea of this project is to create a permanent exhibition of street art in the public space in the city centre of Lodz. Exhibition, in majority, will be composed of large format pictures painted directly on side elevations of tenement houses in the city centre of Lodz. They will be created by prominent representatives of large format painting from all around the world. In the upcoming years project is going to expand with other street art objects like sculpture, installation, street jewelery etc.”