We have wanted to post an Artist feature about German artist Boe from Via Grafik for some time. Now seemed like as good as a time as any to put it together. Boe has been a staple of the European abstract graffiti movement for decades now. His crew Via Grafik have distinguished themselves throughout the years as one of the most innovative and progressive crews around. They recently have been working as design studio as well.

Here are some recent walls from the artist Boe.  Boe is able to bring his unique vision of the letter form and graffiti to walls. Having a great history behind him, he is still able to keep things fresh and progressive . It is great to see some activity and new walls being painted by Boe. In his most recent work he has taken a more raw vision of the letter form, establishing a rough and fluid style. Moving from geometric to a more hand painted style Boe is able to bring more of his hand and painterly side into this work. Boe is an artist with many styles and they all bring a different perspective to his work. Moving from black and white, to figurative cartoons, to atmospherically buffed walls Boe isnt afraid to paint from the heart. It is this honest and  unfiltered approach that we admire most about Boe. Being able to move from design to graffiti having a great impact in both, Boe manages to bridge these mediums well. At the same time he is able to keep them separate.  An amazing talent that we are glad to feature.