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Featured Artist Boe Via Grafik

Featured Artist Boe Via Grafik

We have wanted to post an Artist feature about German artist Boe from Via Grafik for some time. Now seemed like as good as a time as any to put it together. Boe has been a staple of the European abstract graffiti movement for decades now. His crew Via Grafik have distinguished themselves throughout the...
New Walls "Antistatik" "Sign" "Grave" "Eriko" "Audio"

New Walls “Antistatik” “Sign” “Grave” “Eriko” “Audio”

Looks Like Antistatik and Sign hooked up in Germany to paint some New walls. Its always good to see 2 of our Featured artists collaborating and putting out some new work. The walls turned out great also check out the other Artists that painted with them Grave, Eriko, and Audio. You can see more of...