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Video Nawer and Augustine Kofie "Forumation"

Video Nawer and Augustine Kofie “Forumation”

NAWER & AUGUSTINE KOFIE | FORUMATION from Radek Drozdowicz on Vimeo.   Looking back to 2012 at an impromptu collaboration between Nawer and Augustine Kofie in London I knew it was only a matter of time till these two artists got together and did something of this caliber. Nawer invited Kofie to his homeland of...
Udpate* Autone Solo exhibition "Lay//ers"

Udpate* Autone Solo exhibition “Lay//ers”

*Here is a updated set of opening night Pictures courtesy of Jckob   Lay//ers by esteemed Graffuturist Autone, is an innovatively captivating Light and Conceptual Urban Art Installation, opening at the Zatoka Sztuki Gallery in Poland on 04/04/2014, in conjunction with The Gulf of Art and “Addicted to Art Series”. Autone returns to the gallery...
Mural Update "OGARNA 2.0" by Urban Forms Foundation in Gdansk Poland

Mural Update “OGARNA 2.0” by Urban Forms Foundation in Gdansk Poland

Urban Forms Foundation continues to raise the bar with their public art projects. The newest project “Orgarna 2.0 was put together by Urban forms and took place in Old town of Gdansk Poland. The artists included Mariusz M-city Waras, Daniel Chazme, Krzysztof Syruć Proembrion, Wojciech Otecki, Bartek Świątecki Pener, Cekas, Adam Romuald Kłodecki, Maciej Pakalski,...


Seikon exhibited new work at Klub ŻAK in Gdansk Poland. The work self titled “Collages” is a reference to the work exhibited. Working in assemblage and collage Seikon further establishes his geometric influenced work. As is the case with many of the abstract urban artists there is more to the geometry, at first what seems...
PL Group Show at 44309 Gallery

PL Group Show at 44309 Gallery

Nawer Sepe Pener Proembrion Chazme Proembrion and Pener Mural   44309 Gallery in Dortmund Germany hosted a group exhibition titled “PL Group Show” last week. The show self titled for the inclusion of 5 polish artists Chazme, Nawer, Pener, Proembrion, and Sepe. Poland has been a hotbed of rising talent lately and this group exhibition...
Walls Update Seikon

Walls Update Seikon

Seikon has remained active over the summer, here is a set of new walls from the Polish artist. Working in a geometric non-objective style Seikon continues to push the tradition of geometric influenced subject matter in the realm of urban art. It is a great time to be able watch today’s artist push the boundaries...
Walls update Nawer in Shoreditch London

Walls update Nawer in Shoreditch London

Nawer was in Shoreditch for a quick wall last week. Here is a set of pictures courtesy of Nawer’s intricate geometry is balanced with a subtle palette accentuated with a nice Fluorescent touch. GF
Robert "Tone" Proch "Time lags" @ Kirk Gallery Denmark

Robert “Tone” Proch “Time lags” @ Kirk Gallery Denmark

Polish artist Robert “Tone” Proch exhibited new work in Denmark at the Kirk Gallery. The solo exhibition “Time Lags” represented a large group of new paintings. A perfect blend of geometric deconstructionism with figurative elements the artist masterfully composes intense images. With this new body of work Proch shows us great depth as a painter....
Daniel "Chazme718" Kalinski Works on Paper and Mix Media Collage

Daniel “Chazme718” Kalinski Works on Paper and Mix Media Collage

  We first ran across the work of Polish artist Daniel “Chazme718” Kalinski through his recent mural collaborations with fellow Polish featured artists Nawer and Sepe. We really fell in love with his intricate mix media collage pieces. Amazing renderings of cityscapes and landscapes, they bring you back to times of great collage art. The...
Photo recap Bartek "Pener" Swiatecki Solo Exhibition "Deconstruction"

Photo recap Bartek “Pener” Swiatecki Solo Exhibition “Deconstruction”

Polish painter Bartek “Pener” Swiatecki recently exhibited new work in a solo show titled “Deconstruction” at Radar Gallery in Krakow Poland. In these new paintings Pener continues his experimentation and influence with Deconstructionism. Colorful geometric energy broken down into angles and planes. The work of Pener represents a painters vision of architectural elements, rendered images...
Artist Feature Sepe

Artist Feature Sepe

    The Polish artist Sepe has been on our radar for awhile now. We are finally getting  caught up on some things and figured it was about time to do an artist feature on Sepe. Sepe is one of the emerging Polish artists that continue to make an impact on the scene. Whether it...
Pener & Tone "Liar" Mural Street Art Communication Festival

Pener & Tone “Liar” Mural Street Art Communication Festival

Here is another jaw dropping mural from Pener & Robert “Tone” Proch. The new collaboration titled “Liar” was recently painted as part of the Street Art Communication Festival. GF