The Polish artist Sepe has been on our radar for awhile now. We are finally gettingĀ  caught up on some things and figured it was about time to do an artist feature on Sepe. Sepe is one of the emerging Polish artists that continue to make an impact on the scene. Whether it is working on Large scale Murals or paper, Sepe paints with a distinct style. Figurative abstract crossed with geometrics and graffiti, Sepe is able to paint beautiful paintings. Balance is usually not the first thing that comes to mind when describing the work of an abstract artist, yet when i view the work of Sepe balance is one his strengths. Sepe is able weave all these elements in unison creating a rhythm. I rarely see an artist be able to mix this many elements so well in one work. Elongated figures flowing in and out of perfectly placed linear elements that break up the composition. Texture is utilized also through his distinct shading and use of brushstrokes. Sepe is a talented artist in many mediums and we expect to see him make his presence known on the scene for some time.