Hense has been busy the last couple of weeks finishing a massive Mural in Detroit. The Mural was a commissioned public work for Bedrock Real Estate Services for their Madison Theater Building in downtown Detroit. The project was curated and organized by Library Street Collective Gallery. With the help of an assistant the mural took close to 3 weeks to complete and took over 100 gallons of paint to complete. The large colorful abstract work continues along the path of recent murals and installations involving experiments with the act of mark making. When confronted with a wall 100 ft by 100 ft the artist has to adapt to the scale if he is to transfer marks made in the studio to this size of a mural. Hense is able to effectively transition gestural marks that are easier to make with one body motion, versus drawing a mark that is naturally one motion. You have to appreciate this process and the artists ability to adapt by creating new ways of painting, yet sticking to their aesthetic and philosophy of making marks. All around another impressive Mural from one today’s top painters.


Roughly 100×100 feet and over 6 stories
Latex enamel and spray paint on wall
Detroit, MI

Photographs Sal Rodriguez