O.Two is in La Rochelle France installing a large mural for La Sirene. The mural will be painted throughout the week accompanied by an exhibition of new work at Winterlong Gallerie. The exhibition titled “Flux” will open this Thursday and feature 10 new works on canvas. Make sure to stop by and see the work in person as the detail is hard to see from the images as O.Two works with some impressive textures created by draping fabric on the canvases. The fabric creates a sculptural element to the paintings pushing the 2d typography forward and backwards depending upon your point of view. We also included a couple of images of the Mural in progress.


New paintings by James Carey/O.Two

As a precursor to a large-scale commissioned wall for La Sirene (the largest concert venue in the west of France) and Port Atlantique La Rochelle, O.Two has made a collection of ten new paintings to be exhibited in association with Winterlong Galerie in the Centre Intermonde in La Rochelle, France on Thursday, September 18th until 30th

O.Two will be the third in a line of eight artists over eight years to create a piece for the wall, originally conceived in 2012 and designed to illustrate the evolution of modern music – from 1960 to present day.

The piece will be unique for the artist, being the first time he will combine figurative portraiture with his abstract work on such a scale.