I have been watching some updates on these murals the last couple weeks and have been blown away by each artists execution of each mural. Boom Apartments invited the 5 artists to paint their building walls, embracing the new emerging artform. The building located in Krakow Poland couldn’t have chosen a more talented set of painters. Nawer, Moneyless, Sainer, Velvet, and Zoer each bring their own unique style to painting moving from abstract to pure figurative or representational work. Very nice mixture of work and flawless execution from all artists involved.


Progress Photos courtesy of Paweł Dziurzyński

Final Photos courtesy of Bartłomiej Senkowski
BoomApartments is a project that combines travelling with art, creating an entirely new category – bed&art. The four comfortably furnished, unique apartments are located in the very heart of Cracow city center. We invited leading artists of street art to cooperation. The works on the walls of the apartments will be created by Nawer, Sainer, Moneyless and Zoer & Velvet. Just stay in one of BoomApartments and your stay in Cracow will be even more special. Stay tuned!