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Thekra Jaziri

Taps and Moses

Markus Bukrereit

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Frank Balve

Daniel Weissbach

Filippo Minelli


Public Delivery posted a recap of an impressive exhibition on their website. Galeria Autonomica is an exhibition curated by the duo of Christian Minke and Christoph Pankowski held at the Munich City Museum in Germany. The exhibition features work in multiple medias ranging from, murals, installations, sculpture, photography and painting. It is this cross pollination of aesthetics and concepts that display today’s emerging pluralism in art. Graffiti and Urban Art lends itself well this Neo Contemporary scene that is emerging at this moment. It is also this moment, the actuality of being in the present that the curators attempt to capture. Another aspect that the curators mention is the subversive perspectives of the artists and their need to create art without any attachment to economic or traditional criteria. Art that is made only to exist yet disappear within 2 days as fast as it was installed, this impermanence is reminiscent of many of the artists who also are associated with the graffiti and urban art movement.

The work of Taps and Moses is especially interesting when comparing it to their work painting trains illegally. This new environment sterile compared to the adrenaline filled layups and train yards does not detract from the concepts and their execution of the conceptual paintings. This crossing over, or migration if you want to call it has been a long time coming. Some may argue that the work is less powerful being installed in a museum, I would argue its more powerful and authentic because it is painted by artists who have legitimate claim to painting with subversive tactics, versus an academic artist who has studied how to install a museum show all his career. All around an excellent job of curating, and an excellent example of what might be in store for museums in the future. Temporary exhibitions from artists who that have credibility exhibiting relevant work at the highest level, that is a formula that runs parallel to how these artists already work in the street and a formula for success.


After a long , hopeful waiting , it is again:
The Galeria Autonomica is a guest in Munich. We play on the exhibition rooms of the Munich City Museum and as usual , for only 2 days .

In the first Floor of the museum , the two curators Christian Minke and Christoph Pankowski a mixture of Urban Art kontextuierten and contemporary artists. They all have in common – in the sense of the familiar philosophy of Galeria Autonomica – a confident attitude in their respective positions in the artistic statement is far more important than a generally benevolent compatibility or intelligibility .

Especially in today’s times where it is clear how art can be decorative and easy to consume or must be in terms of economic criteria , it is more important than ever to provide artists with a platform that is free of recoverable interest and offers the chance subversive perspectives unclouded to present .

◘ Location: Munich City Museum
◘ address : St. -Jakobs -Platz 1 , 80331 Munich
◘ Datum: Freitag, 06.12.2013 und 07.12.2013


Folgende Künstler werden ausgestellt:

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Christian Minke

Daniel Weissbach


Ernie & Bert

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Frank Balve

Installation dt

Filippo Minelli


Josephine Kaiser



Leonid Hrytsak

Malte Sänger

Markus Butkereit

Markus Mai

Martin Meschede

Paul Hiller

Thekra Jaziri

Veronika Christine Dräxler

Volker Ruprich

Vörös Krisztián

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